1. Salaams sis 🙂 my names Humaira i’m from the uk…I hope you are well,I just wanted to make an enquiry about your fmm candy bag collection 🙂 it’s gorgeous and I was just wondering do you ship to the uk ? And if so how much would it be ? 😀 thanks for your time and you’re such an inspiration to me as a fellow graphic designer i’m a first year student so you’ve helped me see the kind of things I could do in the future thank you 🙂 and I wish you the best of success with your amazing collections xx

    • Thank you soo much dear and i wish you all the luck in your future studies ❤
      as for the prices and enquiries, yes i do ship to the uk, however the candy bags are sold out and now i am in the process of producing more
      if you any other inquiry please feel free to email me on FMMbyFatmaAlMulla@gmail.com


  2. Fatima said:

    Are the FMM candy bags back in stock ? If yes, Do you deliver to Alain ?

  3. Hello, I’d like to know the candy bag prices please, they look awesome and dope

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