LOGO candy bag Pepsi Badge Hermes Badge henna Badge Falcon Dior Oui ring Badge Dihn oud Badge Chai Karak Badge Celine trapeze Badge Cartier panther Badge Burj khalifa Badge Badges     Yellow candy bag PINK candy bag Orange candy bag Mint candy bag Light Blue candy bag Grey candy bag Green candy bag Dark Green candy bag Brown candy bag Blue candy bag

  1. Salaams sis 🙂 my names Humaira i’m from the uk…I hope you are well,I just wanted to make an enquiry about your fmm candy bag collection 🙂 it’s gorgeous and I was just wondering do you ship to the uk ? And if so how much would it be ? 😀 thanks for your time and you’re such an inspiration to me as a fellow graphic designer i’m a first year student so you’ve helped me see the kind of things I could do in the future thank you 🙂 and I wish you the best of success with your amazing collections xx

    • Thank you soo much dear and i wish you all the luck in your future studies ❤
      as for the prices and enquiries, yes i do ship to the uk, however the candy bags are sold out and now i am in the process of producing more
      if you any other inquiry please feel free to email me on FMMbyFatmaAlMulla@gmail.com


  2. Fatima said:

    Are the FMM candy bags back in stock ? If yes, Do you deliver to Alain ?

  3. Hello, I’d like to know the candy bag prices please, they look awesome and dope

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