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  1. Hi، I just would like to express that I found your work absolutely fascinating and loved your vision to explore abandoned houses in Dubai. It’s always a pleasure to see how young Emaratis try to make their voices be heard I see you going a long way and just wanted to wish you all the best. Keep up your determination and live up to your talents! Best of luck 7abibty x

    P.S. loving your display image, very artistic must’ve been a special occasion 😀

  2. ch said:

    hiii may i please have your shop location…
    how can i buy ur stuff?

  3. Haneen saleh said:

    I’m in love with ur phone cases and I’m desperate to purches some and was just wondering if u ship to the UK? If so how much are they?

    Thank u sooo much hope to hear from u soon and keep up with the fantastic work!!

  4. joojie said:

    انتي مبدعة

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