HEYY everyone ❤

THE new stock of the #FMMCANDYBAGS have FINALLY ARRIVED and are ready for orders ❤

The bags are now available in 3 sizes


Medium (this was the size of it before)


Please check below on what color is available in what size

FMM candy bag LOGO3

FMM candy bag color pallette

baby pink small bag black big bag black medium bag brown medium bag dark pink medium bag dark purple big bag green medium bag green small bag Lime green big bag Lime green medium bag mint blue big bag mint blue medium bag  orange medium bag orange small bag purple big bag purple medium bag purple small bagmint green medium bag red big bag red medium bag red small bag rose pink big bag rose pink medium bag royal blue medium bag yellow big bag yellow medium bag yellow small bag


barbie burj khalifa cartier panther Chai karak Chanel hoop bag Chanel lego bag dala3 lv dihn oud Dirham dubai dukhoon Falcon g63 Hello kitty Henna hermes constance niqab oui dior ring pepsi tide Vancleef pattern

Every bag is to come with 1 to 3 badges of your choice


For orders and inquiries please email:




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