NAFS Abayas




NAFS, standing for Noora, Alia, Fatma and Sara ❤ four gorgeous sisters who came together to form a fabulous Abaya line ❤

And to be very honest, its been a very long time since i saw abayas that i’d actually want to wear! NAFS is one of the few abaya lines that still treat the abaya like an abaya and not a dress and thats what i love about them ! The prices as well are very reasonable !! so you should all give them a look,


I’ve rebranded NAFS ❤ and it was lovely working with these beautiful sisters, which you’ll find below ❤ and these were just some of the few things i designed..


NAFS has new abayas for you for Eid, so if you’re still looking for one, you don’t need to look any further !!

Its lovely seeing young Emarati women having such amazing talents ❤

I love LOVE love the use of gold in this season ❤ !! These are a few of the ones I liked, for more visit their blog.



For more info on the collection:

Twitter: @NAFSdesigns
Blog: Nafs Blog
Phone: +971 55 505 65 22








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