FMM Dresses

FMM DRESSES.. yes lol ❤

The photos were taken my dear friend Tulip ❤

and The very cute model ❤ who modeled for me on short notice ❤ Nouf ❤

I am a graphic designer not a fashion designer, i love to buy clothes more than making them lol but this ramadan i decided to create a few dresses that i will be selling in O-concept boutique, i just wanted to try a few items for Ramadan, i didn’t want to make the typical jalabya for Ramadan so i created extremely comfortable daily dresses that one can wear everyday.

Here the pictures ❤ i hope you enjoy them and come to O-concept boutique (on jumeirah road next to The big mosque and The One, the boutique is between saladicious and sweet stuff)

pattern dress 580 dhs

black and white dress 300 dhs

black flower dress 350 dhs

red floral dress 630 dhs

floral pink dress 400 dhs

pink and blue dress 550 dhs

green pattern dress 620 dhs

brown dress 300 dhs

polkadot dress 400 dhs

red dress 600 dhs

orange harem pants 300 dhs

The dresses are one pieces items so i will not be taking orders to make, the sizes are as is and cannot be altered.

You can find these dresses in O-concept boutique ❤ from the 1st until the 3rd so come and check them out ❤

Can’t wait to see you



  1. Fatma said:

    Where is ur shop ? If im coming frm dubai ladies club ?

    • I don’t have a shop, i participated in two events this Ramadan, one in Sunset mall (after ed hardy on beach road) and one in Oconcept boutique (Next to The One in front of palm strip), both located on jumeirah road.
      However you can find FMM designs sold in Sauce boutique and Glamour 911 on alwasl road 🙂
      hope that helped,
      and if you need anything email me 🙂

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