Dubai Mall

I am a big fan of photography, not the technical part much lol but aesthetic photographs just amazes me. I love just surfing for amazing images sometimes, thats what i used to do a lot in Deviant art, not anymore though coz i barely have time now.

But nonetheless, there was recently a competition about malls in the UAE, even though my work was not selected, it was interesting taking such a project on and translating how i see malls visually.

In Dubai particularly, (because i live here hence it is personal) mostly everywhere is an enclosed space, this may be due to many reasons, weather, climate, people, culture, environment etc. Shopping malls in itself have become a home for mostly everything, you want to eat, there are over 200 restaurants, you want to shop for women/men/children/furniture/gifts/opticals/clinic whatever everything you need is in that mall that you decided to walk in.

I decided to document “The Dubai Mall” because it is one of the newest malls in the UAE and the largest so far, and one of my favourites, everything i need can be found there lol..

So slowly i started to go and take my camera with me and see the what similarities i can find, how people act and walk in a mall, how do the people occupy the space, how different shops create a kind of color combination, what kind of shops occupy different sections of the mall etc.

Soooo.. here are a few images from the hundreds i took lol, my series of 10 :







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