“Takki” First Saudi Series

I was introduced to this yesterday by my husband, and fell in love with the concept. This is the first Saudi Series created and aired on youtube, i don’t think I’ve seen any show like this, it truly is inspiring. And from a design perspective i loved the filmography ❤ truly amazing, the story as well talks about people living every day lives.. and for this to be created by young saudis is very innovative ❤

قصة شاب يحلم بأن يصبح مخرج سينمائي في بلد لا يوجد بها سينما .. مسلسل درامي يدور احداثه عن اخطاء مجموعه من الشباب وكيف يتعاملون معها وماذا يتعلمون منها
ابطال المسلسل: مؤيد الثقفي @MoayedT, خيريه ابو لبن @kh_abulaban, علي الشريف @laiwaho, رضوان الريمي @rreemi, عادل رضوان @adel_radwan





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