AUS’s Kuwaiti Pavilion Designed By Rawan Al Ghanim

I am so proud of my very dear friend the (soon to be famous) architect Rawan AlGhanim for designing such an amazing Pavilion for this year’s kuwaiti Pavilion in AUS’s global day ❤

The American University of Sharjah celebrates its diversity in ethnicities in their student body by hosting an annual Global Day event. It aims at showcasing the traditions, values, and historical monuments of each cultural club in a distinctive pavilion. Without exception, the Kuwaiti Cultural Club has managed to design and construct an outstanding pavilion this year. Kuwaiti Architecture Student, Rawan Al Ghanim, decided to differentiate this year’s event by building the infamous and iconic Kuwaiti Water Towers (Abraj Likwait). Initially, the design was meant to be a geodesic dome with the use of recycled bottles,as a recycled material and the skyline of Kuwait in the backdrop. Due to time constraints, the water bottles have been replaced with other materials such as lighting and acrylic. Fortunately, it paid off with the help of every member of the Kuwaiti Cultural club and fellow volunteers. The involvement of the Kuwaiti Club in Global Day is an essential part of gathering the Kuwaiti community, in the UAE as hundreds of Kuwaiti students attend the scene to touch-base with fellow Kuwaitis, inclusive of the Kuwaiti consulate and ambassador, and give attendees a glimpse of the Kuwaiti culture.






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