High Tea & pretty illustrations

I’m sure most of you know The GlamBox ❤ if not click Here  , if you don’t here’s a brief, basically The Glambox is delivers to you the trendiest most up-to-date make-up products right to your doorstep. A very interesting idea, and to be honest i didn’t even know about them, but when i did i fell in love with their concept. Everything is as easy as a click of a button. So if your a make-up fanatic, this is just right for you.

When Noor and Alia approached me wanting illustrations for “The GlamBox” events i was very happy to help them with what they needed.

Below are the pictures to their very successful tea party ❤ which everyone enjoyed,

My illustrations :




straw signs

Table Mat

Water bottle sign

Tea signs

I loved creating the illustrations ❤ and what was nice was that the GlamBox team gave me freedom to design anything i wanted which was very nice of them.

I wish them all the best ❤  (excuse the colors on the screen they’re a bit too bright)

For more info about GlamBox :






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