Project COCO

PROJECT COCO.. Design and send your tweed jacket and then make it on approval ❤ To be honest if you love your design even if it wasn’t approved i suggest you make it anyways lol ❤ nonetheless i think this is an amazing thing The Rabbit Hole is doing ❤ Kudos to them..

I think i’ll attempt designing one and see how it goes lol ❤ lets just hope i have time since i’m all over the place



Lady Rabbit Has Launched Project Coco, as she has been looking for a Tweed Jacket that is classical but yet has a modern twist.

She will wear it for the cover of the Rabbit Hole catalogue that will be distributed during the big event.

There are two rounds to the competition, you first sketch your Tweed Jacket idea & send it a panel of judges will select the best out of the sketches.

The sketches that go through, their designers will then have to actually sew the jacket. They will then either personally send it to The Rabbit Hole or have it courier delivered to them. A strong panel of judges will be called to select the best out of all of them.

There will be three winners, but only the first winner will get his/her jacket to be worn by the model on the cover of our Catalogue & a full page in the catalogue describing the inspiration behind the jacket & a brief about the person or team who designed it.

Contestants have to be GCC nationals, they are not allowed to copy any designer, however they can be inspired from some designs.

An outline of the jacket is attached to make it easier for the designers to design. They should print the outline, design it, scan it, and send it back to

The sketches should be submitted on the 15th of May, 2012.

May the best Tweed Jacket win!





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