Portraits of the Deaf


Young Eager Steps (YES) is a small organization managed by young eager individuals who strive to pay back society through charitable events. This year Yes is focusing on the blind, the deaf and the mute, its very interesting, just yesterday I attended a screening they hosted for a competition they held, “Silent Movie”, which basically were short videos portraying people with special needs.

They recently had a workshop where volunteers, translators and the deaf collaborated and created 15 portraits, one portrait each, each Deaf person translated their thoughts, dreams, hopes, messages through a painting. This thursday *inshalla* on the 26th of April in Bastakiya, house number 43, which is actually a house for 5 amazing artists Alia Bin Drai, Mariam Al Mazroui, Mona Fares, Noora Al Mazroui and Shamma Al Amri, called FIVE ART BEATS. The exhibition will be held there, where they were kind enough to let YES exhibit “portraits of the Deaf”. Portraits will be showcased as well as a video. So be sure you come and see it !!

❤ anyways here is the invite.. I was happy they asked me to design it 🙂 hope to see you there.




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