I’m yours, forever <3

انا لك على طول – I’m yours forever


I wasn’t raised in the typical way by my parents like the children back then were raised. Our time as a family consisted of outings of course and eating together etc. but my parents were very much into and still into music and movies. The movies we used to mostly see were old egyptian movies, black and white, where each movie actually had a moral message to be delivered and understood, the story was written and directed carefully, where even the belly dancer in those days was looked at as a professional dancer who also covered up.. unlike today.. nonetheless i was exposed to such chic attires, american inspired waisted fashion, arabic strong moral messages, and amazing music.. the music i listened to when we’d go for picnics or long destinations or somewhere near were by sung and written by the greats, Fairuz, Abdulhalim Hafez, Um Kulthoum, Fareed alatrash, Shadya, Sabah and more. My favourite out of all them was the great AbdelHalim Hafez (June 21, 1929 – March 30, 1977) who truly was amazing. I can honestly say that music created today is much much different that the music created before.. there are many differences.. one song of Abdulhalem “قارئة الفنجان” (the cup reader) took six years to complete the tune.. can u imagine.. 6 years !,, wow.. how long does it take people today to create a tune/melody? 6 hours ? max? lool maybe thats why abdelhalim’s intros are SO long.. I’m not saying that six years is essential to create a good tune but.. that shows you how dedicated they were back then to create not only music but something beautiful.. perhaps thats one of the biggest reason why such songs are remembered till today rather than forgotten after a certain season..Thanks to my parents for teaching me the art of appreciation..







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