“Shades of Beauty” HF in The Ara Gallery

My dear friend Hessa AlFalasi, is finally launching her collection,

Here’s the Hot invite (designed by me !!) I’m extremely excited not only because she’s my friend but because her abayas really suite your need.. if your going to a wedding then the abayas looks like your going to a wedding, if you want a casual every day abaya then she designs the abaya for women who want to look chic and elegant while still being casual !!

(i am not a big big abaya fan because there are many designers out there who design the abaya as if it’s a dress rather than something you wear and will eventually take off.. however i love supporting friends such as Hessa who are true fashion designers at heart)

you can view HF abayas on my previous blogs –> Creativity & HF Abayas , Moroccan Tea Party & HF Abayas , Hot photoshoot for @_HF_

You can see Hessa AlFalasi’s trunk show in The Ara Gallery amongst an amazing art exhibition entitled “Abaya” where the Abaya is presented through the eyes of those who wear it. It is translated into a form of expression, a form of art. !!! ❤

Can’t wait to see you xx




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