Iris Apfel for Mac

For those of you who have an extreme make-up obsession, i’m sure you know the latest MAC collection and it’s ads (i love MAC ads, extremely cool, colorful but not always though, most of the time lol), For it’s 2012 new collection MAC collaborated with Iris Apfel and created an amazing ad. I’m not a very big fan of make-up but i like MAC and if i’m comfortable with a certain brand then i stick to it lol, so i stick to MAC for foundation and mat lipsticks. Anyways, when i saw the amazing ad, i was amazed of how they photographed the colors, how they re-portrayed this fashion icon again but in a new way.

Which made me think of my own society, a woman (not all of course but most) when she reaches a certain again, lets say 55 onwards, she looses interest in make-up and dressing up and having a sense of style, why is that? is it the culture? the way our life functions, that perhaps after a period of time that beautiful girl who turned into a gorgeous woman and later on grew older and older into a normal old lady can no longer put red lipstick, or lipstick in general for that matter.. why is that.. I dno something to think about.. or maybe i’m just thinking too much.. Nonetheless i decided to illustrate the ad itself.






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