DARMAKI is a luxurious footwear couture brand created by Sultan Al Darmaki (an Emarati designer) and a team of Italy’s finest craftsmen. DARMAKI combines artistic and cultural influences with the excellence of superior Italian manufacturing. Its signature is truly inspirational designs, a wide range of exquisite materials and painstaking attention to detail.

To know more about him and his collections, visit his website >> DARMAKI

I’ve seen Darmaki’s collection in Bullets&Butterflies, a boutique owned by two Emarati women, which you can find in Mercato (ground level next to Armani).

I love shoes !! its true i have an obsession ! however, the thing that made me think was what was making these DARMAKI shoes so special, they were indeed very attractive to the eye, any girl passing such a shoe will definitely look twice. So.. i tweeted to him and i asked, why shoes? what made you become a shoe designer, and Sultan AlDarmaki replied saying “I’m just obsessed with all the detailing n challenge to present a lovely pair – as well as the psychology behind it“.. i always thought that the type of shoe you chose reflected your personality, so he replied back saying “As i say women and men generally choose shoes according to the mood swing – so the shoes you wear reflects your state of mind” “both state of mind =how they currently feel – how they currently feel = personality”

I was very impressed with his answers, it was nice of him to respond and interact, it also showed me that as a designer he considered the psychology behind picking or buying a particular pair of shoes and when seeing his collection you can tell that a lot of care and attention hs gone to every pair, every pair truly has a type of personality. I was very much impressed that i decide, hey why not illustrate a shoe,



So i suggest you go visit his website or better yet go to the boutique and see the shoe in reality !






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