Drawing on teacups

Those of u who’ve read my previous blog ages ago about teacups wud know to wat extent my obsession was over..

Todays mission was….. Buying a white teacup and drawing on it.. So i was in Dubai mall n stopped by lafayette to see what they had.. I saw so many art deco pieces btw which i think u guys shud go check out, however too over-priced to be honest.. But trust me its worth a tour… So i picked out the tea cup i wanted n headed to a crafts shop in jumeirah beach plaza (ground floor) n bought me colorful permanent markers..











My first attempt x.X !! It’ll get better inshalllla.. The sad part was that after i finished n waited for it to dry i washed it to see if it wud go off or not.. It did !!!
The whole thing just disappeared which was upsetting but more reason to go n find a better pen !!! Lol
So be posted for the next one 😉


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