I recently saw a few people put pictures/posters/display pictures on their bb etc u name it.. of Che Guevara, and it was surprising to know that when i asked them who this guy was.. most of them were like we don’t know but he looks cool or his name is Che Guevara but we don’t know what he did.. its funny because i think last year i saw a documentary about the ownership of this picture, and in the documentary everyone later on symbolized this picture as a symbol of revolution or a symbol of peace.. to different people this picture means something else and symbolizes something..

Anyways for those of you who don’t know him.. click here  >  Che Guevara <

and if you don’t know anything about a certain picture.. i suggest u find out the meaning or the image of the person.. because you never know.. it may be offensive to you or anyone (not in this case though)..




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