Mawtini – موطني

TASHKEEEL’s (Nedd el Sheba) new exhibition.. ❤

Established in January 2008, it is an independent resource for artists and designers living and working in the UAE. SO..  We love Tashkeel.. if your looking for a place to flourish your artistic abilities, take workshops, rent your own studio.. Tash is the place for you.. 😉 Here is the link if you have any enquiries >> TASHKEEL <<

Their latest call for work is.. (which i will be participating in)

Mawtini – موطني

“Home, the spot of earth supremely blest, a dearer, sweeter spot than all the rest” – Robert Montgomery

We are living in an increasingly complex world in which barriers and borders are being broken down and where conventional concepts of “homeland” and “belonging” are being challenged. This is of particular relevance in the United Arab Emirates, where almost 80% of the population is living away from their so-called home country, and yet for so many of these people, this is truly “home”.

Tashkeel invites you to the opening reception of the group show

(My home)

Selected works from a themed open call by 21 UAE based artists .

ِِAlaa Kahel
Alia Lootah
Ammar Al Attar
Bela Bhatt
Carrie Brummer
Christiana De Marchi
Debjani Bhardwaj
Fatma Al Mulla
Hamad Al Falasi
Hind Demithan
Maialen Dissard
Martin Budny
Naz Shahrokh
Nivedita Saha
Rasha Dakkak
Reem Falaknaz
Saba Qisilbash
Sam Faix
Shamma Al Amri
Tonya Sweet
Zlatan Filipovic

Opening reception, 7pm, Tuesday 13 of  March 2012

Exhibition runs from 13 March 2012 to 30 April 2012

Location: Intersection street 5 and 20, Nad Al Sheba 1, Dubai

يتشرف تشكيل بدعوتكم لحضور افتتاح المعرض الجماعي


أعمال فنية مختارة مستوحاه من موضوع المعرض لــ 21 فنان مقيم بالإمارات

علاء كحل
علياء لوتاه
عمار العطار
بلا بهات
كاري برامر
كرستيانا دي مارتشى
ديبجاني بهاردواج
فاطمة الملا
حمد الفلاسي
هند دميثان
مايلين ديسارد
مارتن بادني
ناز شهروخ
نفيديتا ساها
رشا دقاق
ريم فلكناز
سابا كيسيلباش
سام فيكسى
شماء العامري
طوينا سويت
زلاتان فيليبوفيتش

مراسم الافتتاح يوم الثلاثاء 13 مارس 2012 – في الساعة السابعة مساءً

يستمر المعرض من تاريخ  13 مارس 2012  حتى  30 ابريل  2012
المكان: تقاطع شارع 5 و 20 , ند الشبا 1 , دبي



Can’t wait to see u all 😀






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