Back to Basics with colors

I love to look at art websites.. so today while on Behance.. I stumbled upon this incredibly creative project.. the only world to describe this is amazing amazing amazing lol of course i’m saying this coz i just fell in love with the concept of creating something we were so familiar to in the 90’z and ofcourse the 80’s (I’m a 90’s girl lol).. Anyways this project created by Zim and Zou, you can follow them on facebook:  Zim&Zou

This project took about a year to born, and it’s still in progress. They solely work with PEFC papers, and they try to use the paper scraps to the maximum. ❤ how very environmental friendly ❤ 😛

The Video is a must watch ❤

I love to see such things.. its interesting to see something soo familiar to us but portrayed in a material as simple as paper. The execution to this project is amazing.. the colors used are vibrant and eye catching..

Hope you appreciated it as much as i did





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