Memories and Subliminal messages


Thumbelina ❤ one of the forgotten disney cartoons that i grew up with.. just amazing!

haha gives me tingles just watching it again.. but haven’t you guys noticed..  like in every disney story like every indian bollywood movie.. theres a guy, a girl, a problem! lol but the thing with disney is that there’s always a time span.. like the boy and girl fall in love so fast that in happens in like days.. then the problem occurs.. they both overcome the problem.. they get married.. but but but.. the girl no matter how poor short tall etc she always marries the prince! She’s never not attractive.. her hair is always perfect.. she can always sing.. she’s adventurous.. strong.. and ends up marrying a prince…. hmmm and now that i think of it.. you can’t blame some girls for anything they do as they grow older if this is how they grew up if this was the example they looked up to.

Which brings me to the second part of this blog… !!

We were all raised with these disney movies, we all loved disney and i’m sure if not all then most of the people born in the 80’s n 90’s must have gone to DisneyLand, be it in LA, Florida, Paris or Tokyo. The video below is a bit shocking.. its about subliminal messages.. when i saw this video i was shocked.. because some of the things portrayed i used to see.. alot and i honestly never noticed it and i probably would have never noticed it.

I’m not saying lets boycott Disney, because subliminal messages are existent everywhere, from the books we read to the ads we see to the music we hear.. but from what i saw in this video and many other videos that you can see on youtube, i was sickened and disgusted.. i didn’t expect that it went to this extent, and why would they even do this.

Everything in one way or another has subliminal messages, so one should think before acting, question whatever is given to us.




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