Ugly Kim Kardashian

I’m not a big fan of Kim Kardashian to be honest..  I’ve seen the show “Living with the Kardashians” a few times and I can come to a serious conclusion that as a family the only thing they can do is sell themselves and their “image” lol and i wish i can benefit from anything in the 45 min show.. i get nothing out of it 😛 except minutes wasted off my life. Other than that they are not intellectual beings that can do something to give back to society.

Lets be honest, what has Kim Kardashian besides supposedly having curves? which probably she enhanced by plastic surgery and spanx. But what does she really offer? Its sickening how the whole world is obsessive over her lool.. why? anyways i don’t find the logic..

i’m posting a few images to show you that anyone can look hot if they have their own personal make-up artists on stand-by and they have their hair done at all time.. so just to prove that she’s not as hot as u think.. ppl plz think twice b4 obsessing over someone who doesn’t even have common logic or a simple education!

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  1. Dee said:

    Hooray !
    I’m not the only one in the world ;p

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