Keswah *winter 2011-12 collection*

Like I always say, if one sees good work, be it in art, design, film, make-up whatever, one must support good work and praise it to be pushed forward. As i was googling the other day i came across, and i was awed by their designs, the attention to detail on the model’s face and the background, the artistic touches on the photographs presented, I was happy to know that such a fashion label was originally inspired by traditional jalabeeyas, i think anyone who sees their collection can related especially if they were from the GCC, where we used to see our mothers or aunts or old pictures of family members wearing similar items, and i was very much interested in how they caught the essence of it but created a sort of modern twist.

The Brand:

Keswah, a retail Emarati brand created by three Emarati girls who collaborated to create a contemporary jalabyah called Keswah. كسوة in Arabic means clothing. Inspired by traditional clothing Keswah is working on pushing more of the accessible female conservative clothing styles in UAE and developing a new concepts, while still keeping it trendy, simple and innovative. Each design is created with a sense of individuality and creativity, made of the best fabrics, it combines sleek, modern and feminine flair. Spring/Summer 2011 is their first collection.

Click on the images to enlarge 🙂

If you’d like to order anything you see from the images, visit their website > Keswah < you can order them online or simply subscribe and you’ll get updates on their upcoming collections.

Truly amazing designs.. can’t wait to see more




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