Jewels & Elizabeth Taylor

Waking up to the sound of the wind today, hectic weather, hope it doesn’t last for long, I hope the rain comes so that the wind goes, if that will make it go away lol.. vicious cycle.. so as i was having breakfast flipping through the television, i came across the MGM channel, and an old movie was playing, “Cleopatra” those of you who don’t know the movie, Elizabeth Taylor acts as Cleopatra, Queen of Sheba, who eventually falls in love with Mark Antony, so if you haven’t see the movie, i recommend you to see it, an old movie but truly amazing.

Elizabeth Taylor is just one of those people with amazing sense of style.. her jewelery are just amazing.. after her death, her items were displayed for the public to see, the jewels were displayed at Christie’s, from Dubai to Geneva, Paris, Hongkong and NewYork.

RIP Mrs Taylor, you were not just an idol but an icon !




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