Creativity & HF Abayas

So.. its been a while..I guess i keep forgetting that i’ve purposely created this blog to keep but anyways i have a few projects up my sleeve just waiting for the ideas to start kicking in..

umm.. recent updates basically are that i came back to Dubai since a week now.. and i recently participated in an exhibition called *Noon al neswa* which was curated by Marsam Mattar Gallery, i havent been updating my blog much coz i can never seem to find connection from my iphone but anyways hopefully that’ll change now.

So anyways today i decided to post my designs for Hessa AlFalasi’s Abaya fashion line rebranding. you can see her design collection in my previous blog, and i must say her designs are truly amazing.. and i’m not so tall myself so she also has a ready made line, that women can easly purchase andwear rather than take it to the tailor to shorten or wear heels.

I’m very excited about her brand. inshalla she has a long successful future, and I loved designing the new logo.

twitter: @_HF_







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